Sunday, June 1

snap, crackle, pop

Happy Sunday! I did a little bit of research last week and got my heart set on whitening my teeth so I ordered some Crest Whitening Strips from eBay and i'm already a couple days in. I will definitely report back my results! There's a difference all ready but i'm not where I want to be in the grand scale of gleaming white-ness. Other than soothing my poor teeth from slight sensitivity, today is mostly a lazy day comprising of Youtube watching, bacon eating and a brisk lunch time stroll.
shirt - asos, dungarees - warehouse, shoes - ebay
This shirt is dreeeeamy. It's a very strange material, like waterproof - definitely has potential to get a bit heated under there and I wouldn't dare go anywhere near it with an iron, but gorgeous none the less. Just something a little different than a plain white shirt. I'm heading back to Bournemouth soon and I can't wait to wear these heels on my nights out!

Sunday, May 25


post title: coldplay - paradise (because i'm on a big weekend hype..)
What a miserable day! After lunch my Mum and I went for a walk, which quickly turned into more of an adventure. We went to explore the woods across the river but before we knew it ended up too far down to turn back, in someone elses field and having to climb under the bridge to get back out. This won't make any sense to anyone who doesn't know where I live, but lets say, we can laugh about it now ;) Just had a pamper with my favourite Soap and Glory products and ready for tea, britains got talent and the soap awards, ah Bank Holiday.
top - river island, cullotes - asos, shoes - ebay, jacket - topshop, lips - ysl
Burgundy red and white is one of my favourite colour ways at the moment. It's summery yet not pastel-sickly. These white cullotes are the most comfortable trousers in the history of trousers. They're not see through either! Although do risk looking a little odd in certain outfits, work with them and they'll be your best friend.

Tuesday, May 20

alice in wonderland

Hey ladies! Obligatory Tuesday MIC catch up time - Alex shut up, Stevie WTF, Spencer couldn't hate you anymore, and I actually kinda like Louise and Sam of late. Louise is genuinely being really nice and Sam just cannot win, I pity him. Lucy and Jamie are super cute also. My heart breaks for Binky but seeing it all unravel makes me think, if this ever happened to me, you just have to walk away. If only we all had pals like Lucy to show us the light! Talking of pals, my friend has a free house for a few weeks in July and i'm so excited to travel back to Bournemouth and enjoy the summer where you should!
shirt - lavish alice, skort - pretty little thing, shoes - new look, bag - H&M, hat - topshop
This Lavish Alice print is just gorgeous. The blue, the turquoise accents, the kenzo-esque eye print, the silky fabric - it's all just so YES! I had to pair it with some sharp white accessories, however this kind of pyjama style silky shirt looks gorgeous with some effortless skinnies and boots. You can get a jumpsuit in the same print and it's taking all my mite to not get that too!