Sunday, August 24

ASOS Love.

ASOS is one of those websites where I fall in and out of love with. If I leave it long enough I loose interest as there's so much stuff to filter through, however at the moment I am solidly, wholeheartedly, in love. The 'save for later' feature is an absolute hero. I'm a chronic 'add to basket' bandit with no plan to actually buy anything, but just look at all the pretty things in one place. This feature is also so useful when a sale is coming up, you can instantly spot if anything you've been loving has been dropped in price! So here's a little large run through of my current favorites from ASOS. I'm focusing on basics to layer and accessories for the next season.
Jeans, basics and monochrome are key features. Definitely need to stock up my wardrobe with some of these gorgeous basic pieces with interesting little twists such as the backless vest and laddered sleeved knitwear. But what's an autumn winter outfit without an abundance of accessories..
You can see the deeper colours filtering through now. Hats-a-plenty and boots are on the list. I'm also really into large faced simple watches at the moment, a bit of a change from my flashy Michael Kors would be nice. The Nars palette is something I was toying with for so long and when I spotted it on Asos I just couldn't stop cooing. It does however have a few poor reviews online so if anyone has any review, i'd love to hear it! I've also finally fallen in love with a strappy heel and want them in nude and black! That Mongolian fur scarf though.. DREAMY.
What's on your list?

Sunday, August 10

to the castle

Sometimes it's difficult to venture too far but even staying within your home comforts you might find something you never knew was so beautiful. Last week some friends and I were wanting something to do, we headed out in one direction for a cafe or somewhere to eat lunch outside in the lovely sunshine, we finally found ourselves on top of the world (hut hum, a hill..) at a castle ruin. Although not alot going on inside, it was a really lovely day just enjoying its beauty and appreciating something so close to home that you never really knew was there.
Ladies and gents, i present to you Restormal Castle.. I bought this jumpsuit from ASOS a few days before, it's not in the sale but they had a spontaneous 30% off all patterns and prints and this beauty was in there! It's such a lovely print and effortless to style as it takes up all the attention. Girl couldn't help but whip out the red lippy mind..
Ahh, delicious!
That was my little adventure, the best part was the lack of plan, we just jumped in and ended up anywhere. And anywhere was so pretty. Until next time, 

Sunday, July 27


Hey guys! Sorry for being so MIA recently. To cut a long story short, my tv, phone and laptop all broke unexplainably within a week of each other and as my tv and phone were fairly new, they were under warranty and easily replaced however my dearest laptop had being doing be proud for four (maybe five!) years, so he bit the bullet and died on me. I have yet to replace him but am currently borrowing my Mums to be going on with, so although sporadic, I will hopefully keep this updated. 
On the topic of laptops - I need a new one. Any advice on which is best to go for would be so greatly received. As a bit of a clueless Claire on the topic of laptops, I, like all other unknowing victims, naturally wanted to run straight for an Apple product. Are they worth it? and if so - Macbook or iMac? So many questions!
A few weeks ago now (boy does time go fast!) I traveled back to Bournemouth to stay with my lovely friend. It was such a nice break, and my wardrobe was noticeably singing a chirpy note of acid green! This jumpsuit is so dreamy. I spotted it from a mile off due to the colour and the fabric. Comfort and style are the two words at the top of the descriptive list for this item, the loose fit is very daytime casual and the cuffed bottoms and elasticated waist keep it flattering. I teamed it with some matching lime sandals and a super statement necklace but the colour really does the talking all on its own!
Oh My Love created these beautiful dresses in a range of shades, but this lime beauty was on my wishlist for a long time. The skater skirt is really flattering and comfortable on a nightout and the sweetheart necklace is so striking and feminine. Despite being strapless, the top also offers alot of support with a strapless bra, which is such a bonus!
And naturally to top it all off, I had to match my nail polish! This new Barry M Matte Paint in Waikiki caught my eye as soon as it was released. Most other colours in this line are nude based but this one is such a striking unusual shade. I gave it three coats on some glue on nails and the result was opaque and seamless.
Speak to you all soon,