Thursday, March 19


What is a new season without a new Lush haul, hey? A haul filled with new and uplifting scents, cute colours and adorable cuteness always marks the start of something new and the quickly upcoming Easter celebrations are no exception. It was time to head my local Lush store and basket up the new collection which i've been eyeing up the week previous. Along with two all time favourites, Comforter and Brightside, five new delights found their way into my hands and here's a little run through for those of you who also long for the perfect seasonal bath.
Immaculate Eggception in yellow and in pink £6.95 each:
Ingredients - vanilla, grapefruit oil, lemon oil 
Use - throw in your bath for a bright colour, skin softening and bubbles!
Comments - these are adorable egg shaped bombs which house a mini bunny bath bomb inside. Due to their size they'll last up to three baths so worth the money.

Avobath £3.35 each:
Ingredients - avocado, virgin olive oil, lemongrass oil, bergamot oil
Use - super hydrating and nutritious for the skin, citrus scent is perfect for the morning
Comments - A simple looking bath bomb but with all the goodness on the inside. I can't wait to feel the benefits in my skin afterwards.

Hoppity Poppity £2.50 each:
Ingredients - lime oil, violet leaf, lavender 
Use - a fizzy little bomb with a calming influence 
Comments - super cute and adorable bath bomb, almost too cute to use! Apparently featuring popping candy for a little excitement whilst running your bath.

Think Pink £2.65 each:
Ingredients - tonka, vanilla, neroli, lavender
Use - relaxing bath bomb with a mind clearing scent
Comments - inside this bamb bomb are little confetti hearts to cheer you up after a long day in the office.

The Easter range features a noticeable citrus theme which I love, really awakening and uplifting now that the evenings are drawing out. It makes a nice change from calming scents which make you want to sleep twenty hours of the day! I can't wait to try all these out, the one i'm most excited for is Avobath as my skin can get very dehydrated. It's not always the bright ones with the jazzy patterns which have the best punch - there's a moral in there somewhere..

Sunday, March 15


I think i'm not alone when I say, the most exciting thing is the arrival of new products in the drugstore. As a new season is approaching, many new launches have sprung (pardon the pun!) up and here's a few that caught my eye. From palettes to nail polishes, these are all super affordable products which have been really fun to try out over the past few weeks.
So we'll start from the left of the image, two new launches from BeautyUK. BeautyUK is a brand which I don't hear very much about however their blushes are some of my favourites. A really affordable brand and packed with affordable items, they have launched a new eyeshadow palette named the 'posh palette'. This caught my eye because of the rusty burgundy shades which seeing too many instagram post of the Lorac Pro palette made me swoon after! And also from BeautyUK is an amazing cream to powder contour palette. This is the only cream contour I have found in drugstores, and it works a dream, very blendable and nice and subtle, it's fool proof! 
Bourjois is a favourite drugstore brand for many people, and rightly so! Recently they brought out a collection of cream pencil eyeshadows in pretty metallic shades. I picked up the golden beige shade to try and I do really like it. The pigmentation isn't mind blowing but it does make the perfect base for powder shadow to layer upon. 
Maybellines Color Drama lipsticks are without a doubt my favourite product in this collection. They are super pigmented, matte yet hydrating, long lasting, easy to sharpen for a nice finish and most importantly, a brilliant range of colours. The nude delight is a 'Kylie Jenner lip' look on a budget!
Two mascaras which I have tried recently; the Barry M 'Showgirl' and Benefits 'Roller Lash' Now one was a hit and one was a miss, can you guess which?! Of course, Roller Lash is brilliant. I never caved and tried They're Real but I was given Roller Lash for my birthday and I love it. It does seperate your lashes perfectly, which isn't something I thought I needed until I tried this! Barry M's Showgirl was a big miss, I've tried a couple of Barry M mascaras before and they were the typical cheap drugstore mascara for lashings of volume, slightly spidery lashes and cheap enough that you can replace as soon as they start to dry, however, this mascara did nothing to my lashes, the consistency is so thin and I may aswell not bother rather than use this product.
Three powder products, Rimmel's Lasting Finish powder foundation is something I have enjoyed using, not great coverage but I have been using it as a setting powder for my more troubled areas, such as my chin and nose. MUA's Undress Me highlighter is a great dupe for The Balm's Mary Lou-manizer, very pigmented golden highlighter and Max Factors adorable marbled blush which is a dupe for the Hourglass blushes at a fraction of the price and again, a perfect range of colours for all skin tones.
Last but not least, we have Barry M's latest nail polish launch of their speedy quick drying polishes, and as always with Barry M, they deliver and they are perfect colours for the coming seasons. 

I hope you enjoyed this little run through, full reviews of most of these products will be up in the next few days so keep your eyes peeled if you are interested to find out more! Do you have a new favourite from the drugstore? Let me know!

Friday, March 13


Last year was the year of the eyebrow, but that's so twenty fourteen now; and for now it's no secret, it's the year of the lip liner. Previously i'd only used lip liner for red lips, but now slowly and surely, my nude lip pencil collection is growing also. It's also no secret that the Kardashian-Jenners have an undeniable influence on social platforms, but who knew the youngest of the pack was going to make such an impact on our beauty stash! I thought i'd run you through a few of my favourites, from nudes to browns to oranges, and cheap to chic - you know what they say about variety, hey!
To begin, this lip liner is the definition of love/hate. The colour is a perfect your lips but better with a very pretty and brightening pink tone however it is a retractable liner so cannot be sharpened for the perfect neat edge!
The nude liner of my dreams, this is potentially my most used and my absolute favourite. Alot of the time i wear this liner alone or I will use a Maybelline pencil lipstick on top. It leaves a matte finish without drying out my lips.
 The liner for a pink plump look, this when applied does appear slightly darker than expected, but equally as beautiful. I can wear any colour on top of this liner as it compliments most tones and makes the colour last all day.
I don't get the most wear out of this one but when I do reach for it, I love it that little bit more. To be used with a light hand as the colour layered can be a bit shocking brown but it also the perfect liner for a bit of skilled 'lip contour' 
The cheapest liner you will find and the easiest, most perfect red. This is my second pencil in this colour and despite the price tag, I have never felt the need for anything more expensive. It sharpens to a crisp point, leaves a matte finish, lasts all day - there's very little it can't do!
 I wouldn't usually spend so much on any makeup item, let alone a lip liner, however my search for the perfect orange lip was one I felt so passionately about that it lead me to the Chanel beauty you see above (heart eye icons x forever)
 I don't have the biggest lips but I also don't have the smallest, however lip liner is now a holy grail. To add definition, a cute cupids bow, neater outline or just as a matte lip colour, get on the band wagon, girls! Let me know your bargain favourites in the comments!